Interesting Montreal facts

115 Facts Magnifiques about Montreal

Montreal, Canada’s largest city for most of its history, is the cultural capital of French Canada and the birthplace of hockey. Prepare to learn much more about La Metropole with these fascinating facts about Montreal! For even more, see these fun facts about Quebec, the province where Montreal is found. General Montreal Facts Interesting Facts about Montreal Places Montreal Economy … Read More

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108 Attractive Facts about Amsterdam

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Fun about interesting facts about Canada

155 Captivating Facts about Canada, the Great White North

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Fun facts about Calgary, Alberta, Canada

80 Casual Facts about Calgary

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76 Scholarly Facts about Saskatchewan

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80 Meaningful Facts about Manitoba

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Some interesting and fun facts about Ontario Canada

86 Orderly Facts about Ontario

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Fun facts about Quebec Canada

101 Quirky Facts about Québec

Bonjour, and welcome to Québec, a nation within Canada with its own distinct culture, language, and history. Besides giving poutine and Céline Dion to the world, what else is this Canadian province known for?   Find out with these 100 surprising, educational, and fun facts about Québec province! In the first section, you’ll find general Québec facts. The second section … Read More

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85 Notable Facts about New Brunswick

New Brunswick, the “Picture Province”, was one of the original provinces of Canada and has its own unique history and culture. In this post, you’ll learn the many things that New Brunswick is known for with these fascinating and fun facts about New Brunswick! General New Brunswick Facts Random Interesting Facts about New Brunswick Historical Facts about New Brunswick

Learn some fun facts about Newfoundland Canada

92 Neat Facts about Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland, Canada is known for its colourful homes on rocky shores, unique dialect of English, and friendly folk. Find out what else “The Rock” and “The Big Land” are known for with these fascinating and fun facts about Newfoundland and Labrador province, Canada! General Newfoundland & Labrador Facts Random Interesting Facts about Newfoundland and Labrador Historical Newfoundland Facts

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