Interesting and fun facts about Alberta Canada

83 Awesome Facts about Alberta

Alberta is a unique place where the Rocky Mountains meet the vast prairies. Besides oil and pretty national parks, what else is this Western Canadian province famous for? Find out with these 50+ fascinating and fun facts about Alberta, written by an Alberta native (Hi, this is me!) In the first section you’ll find general facts, followed by some more … Read More

Learn some fun facts about Newfoundland Canada

92 Neat Facts about Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland, Canada is known for its colourful homes on rocky shores, unique dialect of English, and friendly folk. Find out what else “The Rock” and “The Big Land” are known for with these fascinating and fun facts about Newfoundland and Labrador province, Canada! General Newfoundland & Labrador Facts Random Interesting Facts about Newfoundland and Labrador Historical Newfoundland Facts

Prince Edward Island facts

82 Precise Facts about Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is Canada’s smallest and only island province. Besides providing the setting for Anne of Green Gables, what else is the “Cradle of Confederation” known for? Find out below with this comprehensive list of general, fun, interesting, and historical facts about PEI! General Prince Edward Island Facts Random Interesting Facts about PEI Historical PEI facts

Northern Lights and other fun facts about Yukon, Canada

88 Useful Facts about Yukon Territory

The Yukon, one of the three territories of Canada, is known for its enormous mountains and glaciers, as well as its Klondike Gold Rush history. Below you’ll find out many more facts about Yukon, the Land of the Midnight Sun! General Yukon Facts Random Interesting Facts about Yukon Historical Yukon Facts

Interesting Great Lakes facts

85 Gripping Facts about the Great Lakes

The aptly named Great Lakes of Canada and the USA are filled with superlatives (and a whole lot of water!) Are they the largest lakes in the world? How were they formed? How many have died in them? Just how much water do they contain? You’ll find the answers to the above questions and a whole lot more with these … Read More

Fun facts about Nunavut territory Canada

110 Nuanced Facts about Nunavut

Nunavut is Canada’s ultimate frontier. Canada’s youngest territory is vast, sparsely populated, and stretches almost all the way to the North Pole. You’ll learn all about the “Land of the Midnight Sun” below with these fascinating and fun facts about Nunavut! General Nunavut Facts Random Interesting Facts about Nunavut Nunavut Historical Facts

Facts about the Northwest Territories Canada

85 Noteworthy Facts about Northwest Territories

Did you know that the Northwest Territories once covered three-quarters of present-day Canada? Find out what else the Spectacular Northwest Territories is known for with these surprising, illuminating, and fun facts about the Northwest Territories, Canada! General Northwest Territories Facts Random Interesting Facts about Northwest Territories Facts about Northwest Territories History