Interesting facts about Boston

115 Fascinating & Fun Facts about Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Massachusetts is one of the oldest cities in America. It is the home of Harvard University and birthplace of the American Revolution. Find out what else “Beantown” is famous for with these fun and interesting Boston facts! General Boston Facts Boston is the capital and largest city in the US state of Massachusetts, New England. With 675,647 residents, Boston … Read More

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105 Fascinating & Fun Facts about Washington, D.C.

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Fun facts about San Francisco

110 Fascinating & Fun Facts about San Francisco, California

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Fun facts about New Orleans

95 Fascinating Facts about New Orleans, Louisiana

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100 Fascinating & Fun Facts about Los Angeles, California

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Fun Atlantic City facts

70 Fascinating & Fun Facts about Atlantic City, New Jersey

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115 Fascinating & Fun Facts about Montreal, Canada

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80 Fascinating & Fun Facts about Dallas, Texas

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105 Fun & Interesting Facts about Toronto, Canada

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Interesting and fun Ottawa facts

90 Fun & Interesting Facts about Ottawa, Canada

No, the capital city of Canada is not Toronto or Vancouver. It’s Ottawa! (As a Canadian who frequently travels abroad, I’ve found that so many people around the world make this mistake…) So what exactly is “O-Town” known for? You’re about to find out with these fascinating and fun facts about Ottawa! For more information about the province where Ottawa … Read More