Fun and interesting facts about Egypt

35 Exciting Facts about Egypt – Ancient & Modern

Egypt is without a doubt one of the most fascinating countries in the world. From the ancient civilization which gave us the Great Pyramids and Sphinx to the modern Arabic-speaking nation, Egypt’s history and culture is full of surprises. Below we’ll introduce some of the more interesting and unusual facts about ancient and modern Egypt. General Egypt Facts 1. Egypt … Read More

Fun facts about Cuba

120 Charming Facts about Cuba

¡Bienvenido a Cuba! Cuba is known for its music, vintage cars, Fidel Castro, and communist history. Find out what else the “Pearl of the Antilles” is famous for with these fun and interesting Cuba facts! General Cuba Facts Interesting Facts about Cuban Places Cuban Society and Economy Facts Famous People from Cuba Cuban Historical Facts

Fun and interesting Taiwan facts

175 Terrific Facts about Taiwan

Huanyin lai dao Taiwan! (that means “Welcome to Taiwan!”) Taiwan is famous for its night markets, pearl milk tea, unique political status, and Taipei 101. Find out what else Ilha Formosa, the “Beautiful Island”, is known for with these fun and interesting Taiwan facts! General Taiwan Facts Interesting Facts about Taiwan Places Facts about Taiwanese Politics, Society, and Economy Facts … Read More

Fun facts about Mexico header

100+ Facts Magníficos about Mexico

“¡Hola, amigos!” Welcome to Mexico, a culturally and geographically diverse country bordering the United States in the north and Central America in the south.   Below you will find un montón de fun and interesting facts about Mexico, spanning history, people, culture, and Mexican food! For the capital specifically, here are another 90 facts about Mexico City! General Mexico Facts   Crazy … Read More

Fun about interesting facts about Canada

155 Captivating Facts about Canada, the Great White North

Canada is a vast and varied land boasting an equally astonishing number fascinating feats, facts, and other fun figures. So what is Canada known for?   To celebrate Canada’s upcoming 155th Confederation anniversary, below you’ll find no less than 155 facts about Canada (impressive, eh?)   General Canada Facts  Nature Facts about Canada  Random Interesting Facts about Canada  Facts about Canadian Art & Entertainment  Historical Facts … Read More

Fun facts about Doha and Qatar

100+ Quick Facts about Qatar

“Salam alaykum!” Qatar is a small but blossoming Arabian nation where traditional Bedouin culture blends harmoniously with a stylish, urban landscape. What is Qatar famous for? Below you’ll find a lengthy list of fun and interesting about Qatar, including its history, leaders, food, and more! General Qatar Facts  Random Interesting Facts   Historical Facts  Facts about Sheikh Tamim  Facts about Qatari Food … Read More

Interesting and fun facts about Panama country.

90 Precise Facts about Panama

“¡Buenas!” Welcome to Panama, home of the world-famous Panama Canal. Have you ever wondered what else Panama is famous for? Read on for our comprehensive list of surprising, informative, and fun facts about Panama, a small but significant country in Latin America! General Panama Facts Random Interesting Facts Facts about Panama Canal Historical Panama Facts

Interesting Vietnam facts

145 Valuable Facts about Vietnam

Chào mừng bạn đến Viet nam! (That means “Welcome to Vietnam”!) Have you ever wondered what Vietnam is famous for, besides the Vietnam War, pho, and Halong Bay You’re about to find out with these fun and interesting Vietnam facts! General Vietnam Facts Interesting facts about Vietnam’s Places Facts about Vietnamese Society and Culture Facts about Vietnamese Food Famous People … Read More