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Interesting and fun facts about Missouri, United States

80 Fun & Interesting Facts About Missouri, USA

The Midwestern state of Missouri is the home of Mark Twain, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and Budweiser beer. Have you ever wondered what else Missouri is famous for? Find out with these 80 crazy, interesting, and fun facts about Missouri! These will span general facts, random and weird facts, and finally, facts covering the history of Missouri.  General Missouri … Read More

Interesting and fun facts about Arkansas

80 Fun & Interesting Facts About Arkansas, USA

Arkansas, home to Walmart, is famous for its beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, and wildlife. What else is the Natural State known for? You are about to find out with these interesting, surprising, and fun facts about Arkansas! Start out with some general facts, followed by some weirder and more random facts, facts about unusual Arkansas state laws, and in the … Read More

Interesting and fun facts about California state, USA

75 Fun & Interesting Facts About California, USA

California is America’s most populous and 3rd largest state. Besides beaches, Hollywood, and Disneyland, what else is California famous for?  Find out with these fun, interesting, and educational facts about the Golden State! For more related tidbits, see these fun facts about Los Angeles. General California Facts California is a large state in southwestern and west coast America. California’s coastline … Read More

Facts about the US state of Texas

70 Fun & Interesting Facts about Texas, USA

Texas, the 28th state of the US, is one of the country’s largest, most varied, and unique, from cowboy culture to space exploration, with an incredibly storied past. So what exactly is Texas famous for? Learn more about the Lone Star State with these 60 fascinating, educational, and fun facts about Texas state, including general facts, random interesting facts, and … Read More