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Fun and interesting facts about Oklahoma, United States

80 Outstanding Facts About Oklahoma

While Oklahoma may be known for some controversial things (think land runs, the Oklahoma Bombing, and Tiger King), there’s a lot more you probably don’t know about the “Sooner State”. Prepare to find out with these fascinating and fun facts about Oklahoma State, USA! General Oklahoma Facts Random Interesting Facts About Oklahoma  Historical Facts About Oklahoma

Fun Louisiana facts

100 Lavish Facts About Louisiana

Louisiana has made a huge contribution to the American psyche, from jazz music and Creole food to Mardi Gras and the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Learn all about the “Pelican State” with these 100 up-to-date, fascinating, and fun facts about Louisiana! Also read these fun facts about New Orleans, the state’s largest and most famous city! General Facts About Louisiana Random … Read More

Interesting and fun Oregon facts

85 Offbeat Facts About Oregon

Oregon state, USA is known for its laid back culture, beaches & rocky shores, and pioneering past. Pack your bags and hit the Oregon Trail as we delve into the state’s history and culture with these fun Oregon Facts! Also read these interesting facts about Portland, Oregon’s largest and most famous city. General Oregon Facts Random Interesting Facts About Oregon … Read More

Interesting and fun facts about New Mexico, United States

85 Nourishing Facts About New Mexico

New Mexico is known for its diverse landscapes, ancient Puebloan ruins, and as the birthplace of the atomic bomb. In the below list of fascinating and fun facts about New Mexico, you’ll learn many other things that the “Land of Enchantment” is famous for! General New Mexico Facts Random Interesting Facts About New Mexico Historical Facts About New Mexico

Hay bales and other fun facts about Nebraska, United States

75 Nerdy Facts About Nebraska

Nebraska is known primarily for farming and agriculture, plus some dramatic natural attractions such as sand dunes and towering rock formations. Find out what else the Cornhusker State is famous for with this super detailed list of general, random/interesting, and historical facts about Nebraska! General Nebraska Facts Random Interesting Facts About Nebraska Historical Facts About Nebraska

Fun facts about Arizona state USA

80 Accurate Facts About Arizona

Arizona is home to numerous national monuments and iconic natural landmarks, including the one-and-only Grand Canyon. Find out what else the Copper State is known for with this comprehensive list of interesting facts about Arizona, USA! General Arizona Facts Random Interesting Facts About Arizona Historical Facts About Arizona