Fun facts about Calgary, Alberta, Canada

80 Fun & Interesting Facts about Calgary, Canada

Calgary, nicknamed C-Town or Cowtown, is one of the largest and most well-known cities in Western Canada. So what is Calgary famous for?   Below you’ll find 80 fun facts about Calgary. Starting with general city facts, we’ll move on to more random facts about Calgary, and finish off with some historical facts about the city.   Also learn about the province where Calgary … Read More

Fun about interesting facts about Canada

155 Crazy, Interesting, and Fun Facts about Canada

Canada is a vast and varied land boasting an equally astonishing number fascinating feats, facts, and other fun figures. So what is Canada known for?   To celebrate Canada’s upcoming 155th Confederation anniversary, below you’ll find no less than 155 facts about Canada (impressive, eh?)   Starting with general Canada facts, we’ll move on to nature facts, random interesting facts, facts about art & entertainment, historical … Read More