Interesting facts about Athens, Greece

120 Astonishing Facts about Athens

Athens is one the birthplace of Western civilization as we know it. But what else is Athens known for? Find out with these fascinating and fun facts about Athens, the ancient and modern Greek capital! General Athens Facts Interesting Facts about Athens Places Athens Economy and Society Facts Athens Sports Facts Famous People from Athens Athens Food Facts Athens History … Read More

Interesting Toronto Facts

105 Trusty Facts about Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city. In many ways, it is the country’s financial, industrial, communications, media capital, and cultural capital. Below you’ll learn about T.O. with these fascinating and recently researched facts about Toronto! Find out more with these interesting facts about Ontario, the province where Toronto is found. General Toronto Facts Random Interesting Facts about Toronto Historical Toronto Facts

Fun and interesting Vancouver facts

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Interesting and fun Ottawa facts

90 Original Facts about Ottawa

No, the capital city of Canada is not Toronto or Vancouver. It’s Ottawa! (As a Canadian who frequently travels abroad, I’ve found that so many people around the world make this mistake…) So what exactly is “O-Town” known for? You’re about to find out with these fascinating and fun facts about Ottawa! For more information about the province where Ottawa … Read More